The Yogassential at Home Collection
In collaboration with Yoga Clicks we have carefully curated ideal items for your yoga space

Yoga is for everyone, everywhere.

You no longer need to confine your yoga practice to your local studio.

Why not try yoga in the comfort of your own home.

Whilst local studio classes are great to keep energy up and connect with your local community, the home yoga session alone or with a private teacher can't be knocked.

I hear you say, but I don't have the space, my flat is too small, but who says you need more space that a standard matt size, which is 180cm x 60cm, not that much space right.

Personally I much prefer to practice yoga at home, although you may say I'm biased given I co-founded a yoga app that delivers yoga to your home; however, for me, I'm not a fan of having to work my schedule around that of my local studio to practice with my favourite teacher. Plus, I always find that I lose all the relaxation and calm I gained from Savasnah on the journey home.

So, what to do? I really enjoy it when I practice alone at home, problem is, I always say I'll do it this evening and sadly there are times when it just doesn't happen. I love yoga, always feel better after I've practiced and tend to sleep better as well, so why do I put it off at times?

We all have a laziness that can at times win out so how to overcome that? I've found that by creating my ideal yoga space of serenity, you become drawn to the space, wanting to practice there and soon enough less will-power is required to get you to your matt!

I now love laying my matt out, turning my diffuser on and settling into practice after a long day.

Yogassential has partnered with Yoga Clicks to curate a collection of products your can use to create your own personal yoga space. Yoga Clicks is a fabulous website that provides a one-stop shop for the yoga community, sourcing products from some of the UK's most inspiring and talented artisans & designers who are also yogis.

Exclusively for our subscribers they're offering 10% off with discount code, YOGASSENTIAL10!!

Yogaclicks - "Made by yogis. Curated for you"
Escape Luxury Aromatherapy Soy Candle
Zafu Meditation Cushion Kapok ZEN - Cornflower
Yoga Bolster RESTORATIVE Small - Cornflower
Some of my favourites

Lay out your favourite matt, I'm in love with the 'Mandala Microfibre Yoga Mat' by Yoguh, the design is just irresistible with the beautifully intricate mandala pattern on a soft suede finish made from non synthetic rubber.

Infuse your room with a serene atmosphere by lighting a candle or some incense. One of my favourites is the 'Escape Luxury Aromatherapy Soy Candle' by Wild Planet; with sacred frankincense and uplifting Guatemalan cardamom essential oils this blend promotes overall wellness, elevating the mind and lifting spirits.

I'm the kind of person who loves everything matching from the same range so for me Lotuscrafts range of yoga accessories in cornflower is just perfect. Their Zafu meditation cushion calls you to it, you can even get a matching bolster and blanket from the range.

I'm so obsessed with the 'Large Pebble Stone Pillow' by Wild Way Gifts but at £216.56 it is pricey but my does it look worth it if you can - it's filled with pure wool and the outside layer is felted merino wool, it looks, feels and is nature! Father Christmas, s'il vous plait.
I could go on but check out the collection for yourself.

Your ideal home yoga space is just a few clicks away. And hey, if it's your first time trying yoga at home, why not book a private yoga teacher first to get you comfortable with practice with the Yogassential App.

Namaste :)

Jess, CEO & Co-founder of Yogassential

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